Entry #2: Lampposts

This was a photo I took on an early foggy morning outside McAdams Hall in Clemson. By themselves, the lampposts have a soft distribution, and the fog only enhances this effect. I think this distribution, along with the dark borders, helps create a sense of closeness. Even though the shot is very deep, the light from the lampposts pulls everything downward.


Entry #1: The Old Guitarist

This is an oil painting done by Pablo Picasso in 1903 titledĀ The Old Guitarist. Based on the shadow behind the man and those on his left hand, the light is coming in from a front-top angle. I like how the light accentuates the man’s bony features, especially on his fingers. Coupled with the cool color of the light, it gives him a very pallid look, almost like that of a corpse.