Entry #12: Nocturne: Blue and Gold

The Nocturne feels like a very dreary or cold scene. Compared to The Calling of St. Matthew by Michelangelo, Nocturne features a colder and less inviting scene. The scene depicts a snapshot of daily life, not a moment of action. Illumination comes from back light, silhouetting the bridge and individuals, leaving little in the way of detail. The intensity of the light is more subdued, coming from something like dusk or early morning. The shadows for the buildings and bridge are also softer, adding to the dreary feeling. There also reflections in the water, but like the shadows, these are rather dim and diffuse. The colors for the scene help reinforce its coldness. The water reflects grey and blue tones matching that of the sky. The sky reminds me of an overcast or rainy day. In the distance, the buildings fade out to a more grey tone, giving the appearance of fog. This further diffuses the light coming from the sky and buildings. For movement, we do have the fireworks in the distance. This would add movement both through the light of the explosions moving, but also through the change in color and intensity over the course of the explosions. There’s also the movement of the water. Since the shadows are reflected in the water, as the water moves, so too will the outline and form of the shadows.


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