Entry #52: Mushrooms

This is a piece by florent lebrun called ‘Mushrooms’. You can find more of his work on ArtStation.

The light filtering down through the caps looks interesting. I like the translucency of the mushroom caps. They help diffuse the light before it reaches the desert floor. I like how intriguing it makes the mushrooms feel. I would love to be able to delve further into that forest.


Entry #51: City of Lights

This was done by Teikoku Shounen and is titled ‘Carnival – City of Lights’.

The upward glow is a really interesting effect here. The city is so full of other light as well. The variety of glows and highlights from the different shops create an night life atmosphere. I like how alive the lighting makes the city feel.

Entry #48: Mankind Divided

This is from the game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

While it looks sleek, the alley has a very dirty feel and I think the lighting reflects that. We have very industrial light sources, and the yellow light gives everything a digital glow. I like the amount of light here too. Even though we have a lot of light sources present, we still get deep shadows off the main thoroughfare.

Entry #46: Rainy Morning

This was a shot I took near my apartment early one morning. It had rained the night before and much of the road had yet to dry.

The rain had cleared the air of much of the pollen, but the humidity had gone up. This created a very soft distribution to the light that is really amazing here. The glow coming from around the corner has a very mysterious feel to it. We get a little hint to its nature based on the pattern on the road.