Entry #45: The Pit, Damp

This is a shot of the Pit, a parking lot at Clemson. It had rained earlier that day and the lot was still damp.

You can see some faint hints of god rays coming from the clouds. I think what I like most about this shot is the quality of the light reflecting off the pavement. The light is very soft and even in the reflection. It’s hard to see in the shot, but the reflections were very bright at low angles to the lot. It made the whole lot feel very shiny.


Entry #44: Raleigh Spotlight

This is a shot I took while on a trip to Raleigh, NC.

I like how solitary the light makes the shot feel. The distribution of the light also creates  a very secretive mood. It’s like I’m looking at the entrance to an underground establishment, hidden away from prying eyes.

Entry #43: Caustics

This is shot of a water glass I took while on a trip to Raleigh.

I really like caustics. Rendering CG glass can take a long time to make it look good. Added on top of that, caustics aren’t normally automatic, so they can be fairly hard to get right. Caustics are fun to play with, because by just changing the orientation of the glass, liquid or both, you can completely change the pattern the caustics make.

Entry #40: Overgrown


This is a piece by Michal Gradziel. You can find his work on ArtStation through the provided link.

I like the isolation the lantern provides. It draws the viewer’s attention to that area really well. However, I love the light coming from behind the archway. I think the effect it creates is incredibly eerie. It frames the archway, but at the same time, there are still pinpricks of light trickling through. The casts up onto the leaves and out to the sides are a nice touch. Overall, I think the effect is amazing and gives the scene this very creepy and ghostly tone.

Entry #39: The Furnace

The Furnace

This is a piece by Matthieu Findinier. You can find the piece on ArtStation through the provided link.

I like the small points of green light in the piece. They bring some excellent contrast to the scene. They act almost like little bits of life in an otherwise unending sea of fire. I also like the way that the red of the lava radiants upward to the houses walkways. It’s a really cool effect.