Entry #49: Mankind Divided II

This is from the game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

I like the placement of the light sources here the most. They are angled and layered upward, almost like wings. The light they cast silhouettes everything in the foreground. While yellow is the predominant color, we still have good contrast between the yellow of the wings and the shadows in the foreground.


Entry #48: Mankind Divided

This is from the game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

While it looks sleek, the alley has a very dirty feel and I think the lighting reflects that. We have very industrial light sources, and the yellow light gives everything a digital glow. I like the amount of light here too. Even though we have a lot of light sources present, we still get deep shadows off the main thoroughfare.

Entry #29: J’Nanin

This is a screenshot of the Age J’Nanin from Myst III: Exile. I just like the pattern that the light creates in this scene. The ironwork on the glass ceiling casts these twisting shadows on the walls and egg. The egg then takes these shadows and adds its own to the walls and floor below it. I think the total effect for the room is really incredible. I love the colors present here too. We have deep maroon for the walls, dark green for the awning and bright oranges and yellows for the wood. The warm tones for the light really enhances color palette for the room.

Entry #28: Tomahna

This is a screenshot of Tomahna from Myst IV: Revelation. I like how moonlight is used here. Due to the diffusion from the air, we get to see some of moonbeams. I think the lighting adds a very quiet atmosphere. We are looking at the room during the dead of night. The soft glow from the plant incubators is a nice highlight in the scene.

Entry #13: Dear Esther

This is a screenshot from the game Dear Esther. I absolutely love the colors here. I like how the cyan light radiants from the back of the cave forwards by reflecting off the water and ceiling. There’s some really great contrast when the orange coming from behind the viewer mixes with that cyan. The two sources of light also have two different intensities. The orange has a low intensity, like that of a campfire or torch, while the cyan has very high intensity. I think this shot has a certain closeness about it, but I also really want to know the source of that cyan light. It creates this sense of mystery and I want to check it out.