Entry #52: Mushrooms

This is a piece by florent lebrun called ‘Mushrooms’. You can find more of his work on ArtStation.

The light filtering down through the caps looks interesting. I like the translucency of the mushroom caps. They help diffuse the light before it reaches the desert floor. I like how intriguing it makes the mushrooms feel. I would love to be able to delve further into that forest.


Entry #51: City of Lights

This was done by Teikoku Shounen and is titled ‘Carnival – City of Lights’.

The upward glow is a really interesting effect here. The city is so full of other light as well. The variety of glows and highlights from the different shops create an night life atmosphere. I like how alive the lighting makes the city feel.

Entry #40: Overgrown


This is a piece by Michal Gradziel. You can find his work on ArtStation through the provided link.

I like the isolation the lantern provides. It draws the viewer’s attention to that area really well. However, I love the light coming from behind the archway. I think the effect it creates is incredibly eerie. It frames the archway, but at the same time, there are still pinpricks of light trickling through. The casts up onto the leaves and out to the sides are a nice touch. Overall, I think the effect is amazing and gives the scene this very creepy and ghostly tone.

Entry #39: The Furnace

The Furnace

This is a piece by Matthieu Findinier. You can find the piece on ArtStation through the provided link.

I like the small points of green light in the piece. They bring some excellent contrast to the scene. They act almost like little bits of life in an otherwise unending sea of fire. I also like the way that the red of the lava radiants upward to the houses walkways. It’s a really cool effect.

Entry #38: Gates To Elysium

Gates To Elysium

This is a piece by Christian Hecker. You can find the piece on ArtStation through the link above.

I like the mood in the piece. It feels like we’re watching a sunset as it passes behind the buildings on the right. The way the sun outlines and highlights the edges of the clouds is particularly impressive to me. I also like the sharp transitions from vibrant orange to dark blue shadow on the structures in the background; it is one of a sunset’s elements that has always been a favorite of mine.

Entry #37: The Gravelord’s Tomb

The Gravelord’s Tomb

This is a piece done by Nick Kester. You can find the piece on ArtStation through the link above.

I like the color palette used in the piece. The pale green and cyan light from the braziers help create an ethereal or mystical power in the place. As we look further back in the cavern, the light fades out to muddy purples, emphasizing the cave’s vastness. I also like how the braziers isolate the walkway as well. Their light stays concentrated on the path to the tomb, adding to the mysterious nature of the cavern.