Entry #47: Rainy Morning II

This was taken on the same day that the shot from entry #46 was taken.

There are two things I really like about this shot. The first is the shininess of the road. The second is the overall glow in the scene. There was a light fog that morning; the way it softens and evens out the light makes the whole shot feel much warmer.


Entry #46: Rainy Morning

This was a shot I took near my apartment early one morning. It had rained the night before and much of the road had yet to dry.

The rain had cleared the air of much of the pollen, but the humidity had gone up. This created a very soft distribution to the light that is really amazing here. The glow coming from around the corner has a very mysterious feel to it. We get a little hint to its nature based on the pattern on the road.

Entry #45: The Pit, Damp

This is a shot of the Pit, a parking lot at Clemson. It had rained earlier that day and the lot was still damp.

You can see some faint hints of god rays coming from the clouds. I think what I like most about this shot is the quality of the light reflecting off the pavement. The light is very soft and even in the reflection. It’s hard to see in the shot, but the reflections were very bright at low angles to the lot. It made the whole lot feel very shiny.

Entry #43: Caustics

This is shot of a water glass I took while on a trip to Raleigh.

I really like caustics. Rendering CG glass can take a long time to make it look good. Added on top of that, caustics aren’t normally automatic, so they can be fairly hard to get right. Caustics are fun to play with, because by just changing the orientation of the glass, liquid or both, you can completely change the pattern the caustics make.